Scout Uniforms

The uniform

Tiger, Wolf & Bear

For your Cubs, the blue shirt, belt, neckerchief, & slide is the Class A uniform.  This uniform is worn from 1st– 3rd grade.

Class A uniforms are worn to Pack meetings and to special events like the 9/11 Memorial Walk or the John’s Creek Parade.

 Tip: Buy the boy’s blue shirt a bit big, it could last them until 3rd grade.

Webelos & Arrow of Light

For your Webelos, a tan shirt, belt, neckerchief, and slide make up the Class A uniform and are worn when the Cub Scout is in 4th – 5th grade.

 Tip: If you get a green Boy Scout belt for your tan uniform, you will not be able to display any Cub Scout belt loops.  The belt widths are different and the loops will not fit. 

Class B Uniform

The Class B uniform is a screen-printed cotton T-shirt that you can purchase from the Pack.  This shirt is for camping, picnics, Uncle Shuck’s, and any other less formal (or really dirty) activities.

Download the official Cub Scout Insignia Guide
Download the official Webelos Insignia Guide
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Council Patch
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United States Flag
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BSA / Interpreter Badge
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