Getting started

So you enrolled your kid, now what?

We thought you could use some help, so hopefully, the following are questions we can answer for you, but if you need any additional help, we’re always here.

So what does my kid need?

Your kid will be needing, first of all, a uniform. We have created a handy guide regarding uniforms and everything related to them, you can order them online or you can take your Cubscout to the store to make sure everything fits as it should. Your kid will also need the handbook corresponding to their rank.

What do I need to buy?

You will be prompted to buy a lot, and if you have the means, indulge. However, as tempted as you may be, your kid really only needs a few essentials:

This about rounds it up, while our Pack is strict regarding uniform use, we’re also relaxed and will not require official Scout pants or socks.

Where is the Scout store located?

The Scout Store is located at 1800 Circle 75 Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339, right accross the Braves new stadium. You can also call them at (770) 988-9912.

Tip: The Scout Store is a zoo at the beginning of the school year, especially on Saturday. If you don’t need to try on shirts/pants and don’t need to browse all the cool stuff in the store – you can purchase all the required items online.

Are we going camping?

You bet we are!

This is one of the most fun activities we get to do as a Pack and as a family, so we encourage all family members to come. For those first timers, we created a small list of things we suggest you pack to have a good campout.

I have no idea where all these badges go

Fear not, we covered this in one of the questions above, but in case you missed it, go to our Uniform Guide and you will find all there is to know about insignia there.

What's the difference between a den and a pack?

A Pack is the whole Cubscouts together, all ranks, all ages under one roof, we have a Pack meeting every month and several Pack events throughout the year.

A Den is made of single units separated by age group. For example:

  • Lion Den: Kindergarten
  • Tiger Den: 1st grade
  • Wolf Den: 2nd grade
  • Bear Den: 3rd grade
  • Webelos: 4th grade
  • Arrow of Light: 5th grade

There can be more than one Den per rank in some cases. All Dens meet more frequently to develop their adventures and these are coordinated by a Den leader.

Useful forms and links

This is a list of some useful forms in PDF format. Some of these may have already been given to you, some are ones we think may be helpful to you.